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Little Tianna & Co.

Evelyn Ice Cream Mould

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What is better than ice cream.... making your OWN ice cream with these sweet moulds! There are so many options... fruit purees, juices and frozen yoghurt, chocolate coated chocolate or even mud cake or bake brownies and serve on a stick!

These cute moulds are 100% food grade silicone – BPA free, plastic free, no nasties leaching into your food

So easy and flexible to use – once your ice creams are ready you can simply invert the moulds to pop out your creations

Super easy clean – non-stick and stain resistant, dishwasher safe

Each set will vary from 2, 3 of 4 ice creams per mould so the size will vary also. All but one includes a lid and sticks. You can also buy more sticks if and when needed.